The Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. (NFP) is a Philippine private, non-stock, non-profit organization engaged in improving the nutritional status of the Filipino community. The NFP was founded by National Scientist, Dr. Juan Salcedo, Jr. In 1950, Dr. Juan Salcedo Jr. was appointed the first Director of the newly created Institute of Nutrition, as the “clearing house of information relevant to human nutrition”. Later, the Institute was developed into a Research Center, the Food and Nutrition Research Center. Thus, arose the need for an agency that would translate the findings of the Center into practical terms for the improvement of the nutrition of the people.

The slogan at the time was “Nutrition is everybody’s concern”. It was felt that a private organization that would support the government efforts would give meaning to the slogan, thus the birth of the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines in December 28, 1959, registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 18, 1960, and formally started its operation on July 15, 1960. Dr. Juan Salcedo, Jr. Building, located along E. Rodriguez, Sr. Avenue, Quezon City.

The Foundation was conceived to promote nutrition in the Philippines, as an important factor in improving the health of the people and ultimately of the welfare and economic life of the community. During the early years, NFP’s thrust was the provision of direct technical field service to individuals and groups, particularly in low income communities where malnutrition was prevalent; organization of nutrition councils (the forerunner of today’s nutrition committees) which serves as the organizational structure for the delivery of coordinated nutrition services in the communities; and the provision of grants-in-aid to institution and individuals for study and research purposes.

Through the years, direct field services occupied a significant part of NFP’s regular activities. In the 80s, the NFP shifted its efforts from directly carrying out specific field projects to conduct of training program, development of IEC materials geared to the grassroots, the maintenance of its library facilities and provision of consultation services to organized groups in nutrition. “Quality life for the Filipinos through nutrition” is the vision of the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines; and its mission is to develop programs and services that will improve the nutritional status of the Filipinos particularly through nutrition education.