Community Outreach - Family Development Program

The FDP aims to develop the capacity of the family members in taking the responsibility to improve the quality of their lives.



The Nutrition and Health Kiddie Class is conceptualized for pre-school children ages 3-4 years old. With the participation of volunteer teachers called Mother Coordinators (MC’s) or Nutrition Youth Coordinators (NYCs); who handles classes without compensation,NHKC students acquire knowledge on food and nutrition that will enable them to: Learn the importance of food in relation to health; know the various nutrients needed by the body and its sources; practice personal hygiene; be an advocate of environmental sanitation; help improve their nutritional and health status.

The NHKC has a specific curriculum and module developed though the years by the MC’s and NFP staff. Topics included are: food and nutrition, personal hygiene, environmental sanitation, growth monitoring, food production, micronutrients etc. The basic 3R’s of reading, writing, and arithmetic are discussed in the context of nutrition.

Strategies used includes :lecture-discussion,  story telling, songs, games, film showing, field trips, and work exercises are employed to make the learning interesting and easy-to-understand.