HIGHLIGHTS (Company profile)

Organized in December 28.1959, registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on January 1960, and started its operation in July 15,1960;

Governed by a Board of Trustees;

Operates as an assisting agency complementing and supporting the nutrition efforts of agencies in the government and non-government sectors;

Recipient of the “Decade of the Filipino Child Maker”, as lasting symbol of service, in the survival and total development of the children during the observance of the United Nation’s International Year of the Child;

Pioneered the organization of the nutrition councils, now nutrition committees;

Adhering body to the International Union of Nutrition Sciences (IUNS);

Department of Science and Technology- certified and accredited private science foundation;

Department of Health-accredited non-government organization;

Member, Association of Foundations;

Member, Federation of HAMIS winners in the Philippines

Philippine Council for NGO Certification certified

Department of Social and Welfare and Development Registered as auxiliary social welfare and development agency