As a part of the Foundation’s nutrition information and education campaign, some publications are made to promote nutritional awareness to the people.Nutrition Information leaflets are to be given to the community during trainings and seminars.

Teka, Teka, Teka… Lutuing Naiiba is a recipe book containing 51 standardized recipes that utilizes edible food wastes such as banana, squash, and carrot peelings; soy precipitates, coconut meal, langka seeds, and many others.
Kitchen Tested Recipes for Preschoolers is a recipe book intended for the implementation of self-help supplementary feeding programs in the community for preschoolers.
Recipes for Daily Living is a recipe book developed in response to the clamor for economical and easy-to-prepare but nutritious foods. It targets the housewives who are on the lookout for preparing and serving meals that are palatable, nutritious, convenient, and economical.
Low Fat and Low Cholesterol Cookbook is a compilation of tested modified recipes, indicating specific calories, protein, fat, and cholesterol content of each recipe.

The Bulletin of the Nutrition Foundation of the Philippines is the official publication/newsletter of the Foundation It is being published quarterly and features articles on current nutrition issues and serves as a vehicle in the mass dissemination of nutrition information, particularly to the professionals